FRP Toilet on Rent

FRP & Bio Toilets on Rent

At 7 Wonders International, we acknowledge the urgent requirement of sanitation in India. That’s why we offer portable FRP toilets & Bio toilets on rent. From practical design to efficiency and durability, these mobile toilets offer a unique sanitary solution to people during events like concerts, outdoor weddings, corporate events or other events. These new generation Bio & FRP mobile toilets are manufactured with premium quality material to meet the functionality and basic needs of our diverse clientele.

Our range of quality portable toilets contains an Indian toilet, portable commode and both economical and luxury van for the toilet. We offer these FRP toilets to meet the needs of both commercial and residential spaces for responsibly disposing of human excreta. Each FRP & bio-toilet unit is hygienic and maintains health standards to assure safe and clean restroom options for public areas.

For some special events, we even offer A/C luxury FRP toilet on rent. On the other hand, we have economical collapsible and foldable mobile toilets for events that are held on a strict budget. Customers can explore our range of portable FRP and Bio toilets in different sizes and shapes to decide which one is perfect for their event.

FRP Toilets on Rent

FRP toilets are manufactured from fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP), which is prepared to enhance the strength of low-grade plastic by adding high strength fibres into it. This plastic material includes two main components – fibre and matrix.
The purpose of the matrix is to hold the fibres and support them in the right position. It also prevents fibres from any sort of damage caused on the surface due to changing environmental conditions. All these factors make FRP highly durable and strong material for manufacturing portable toilets. This means our FRP toilet on rent can withstand changing weather conditions without harming the surface of the portable unit.

Bio Toilet for Rent

Bio-toilet is basically a decomposition mechanized toilet system that helps in decomposing human waste in a digester tank with the help of high-graded aerobic or anaerobic bacteria. The bacteria further convert the human excreta into carbon dioxide gas, methane gas and water.

7 Wonders International offers the best quality FRP bio-toilets for rent to leave no carbon footprint on the environment. Each of our FRP bio-toilet is green-rated and made from the highest quality raw material to fulfil the basic requirements of sanitation in our country.

We also offer customization options for these lightweight and portable toilets according to the customer’s demand. Our rental toilet cabins are quality checked on various parameters to ensure the best quality, durability and strength.

The innovative bio-digester technology for treating human waste in the bio-toilet tank has been developed by DRDO (Defence Research Development Organisation) to resolve the woes of un-decomposed human waste in India. All thanks to the innovative technology, now human waste can be converted into usable water and gases in a way that it leaves no adverse impact on the environment. Plus, the gas produced during the process can be used for cooking and water for irrigation.

How Does Bio Toilet Work?

Compared to traditional toilets and regular FRP toilet, bio-toilet is manufactured to save water and keep the environment clean. Using the advanced bio-digester technology to treat human waste directly at the source, this toilet system helps in recycling water used in toilets.

This easy to install bio-toilet works by collecting anaerobic bacteria to work at low temperatures (below -5°C) and high temperatures (around 50°C). In such temperatures, the bacteria acts as a seed material (inocula) in a bio-digester tank to convert organic human waste into water, carbon dioxide and methane gases.

Due to the anaerobic process, pathogens responsible for causing water-borne diseases are inactivated and it further treats the waste without any need of external energy source.

Within every bio-toilet, the bio-digester tank is filled with inoculums, along with four types of bacteria. Further, the water trap system in these toilets prevents air from entering the tank. So, human waste is processed without oxygen by anaerobic bacteria within the seven chambers of the tank to produce water while eliminating CO2 and methane gas into the air. Once the gases are released into the environment, only water is left in the tank for recycling and using again in toilets.

Features of Bio-Toilet:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Heat resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Long-lasting
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Longer service life
  • Optimally shaped and sized

USP of High-Quality Bio Toilet:

  • No bugs infestation
  • No bad smell in toilets from installed tanks
  • No clogging of the digester tank
  • Faecal matter is not visible within the tank
  • 99% pathogens reduction
  • 90% organic matter reduction
  • Effluent is odour-free and waste-free
  • No need to re-add the enzyme or bacteria
  • No maintenance needed
  • No need to remove any solid waste
  • No need for the removal of solid waste
  • Non-polluting and hygienic
  • Cost-efficient
  • No manual scavenging is needed due to sludge-free disposal
  • Suitable for all weather conditions and terrains
  • Produce useful by-products: Methane and Water
  • Eliminates the problem of relocating composite toilets every year

Different Sectors That Require FRP & Bio-Toilets

There is a huge need for FRP & Bio-toilets in different sectors like:

  • Construction sites
  • Camping sites
  • Villages
  • Rural schools
  • Small communities
  • Resorts
  • Defence
  • Outdoor events
  • Indian Railways
  • Factories or building without any direct sewage line or connection to the municipal sewerage system.

Advantages of FRP & Bio Toilets

There are so many advantages of FRP & Bio-toilets, such as:

  1. Unlike traditional toilets that release human excreta on the ground or railway tracks to damage the tracks by spreading dirt and contamination, FRP Bio-toilets treat human waste to release useful by-products.
  2.  All thanks to FRP mobile toilets and bio-toilets, Indian railway stations will become clean, supporting “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” initiated by the Indian Government.
  3. The vacuum-based FRP & Bio-toilets use only half a litre of water for cleaning, unlike traditional toilets that spent around 10 to 15 litres of water in a single flush.
  4. These FRP & bio-toilets will also offer relief to the cleaning staff at Indian Railways who had to manually clean human waste at the platform.
  5. These portable toilets offer a great way to resolve India’s sanitation issues.


FRP & Bio toilets May Resolve India’s Sanitation Problem

7 Wonders International offers FRP toilets and Bio-toilets on rent as an initiative to help India deal with its alarmingly poor sanitation facilities. Millions of people in India still don’t have access to proper toilets. Due to this lack of toilet facilities, the problem of waste disposal has increased in the country. The problem is more common near the Indian Railways Department with an open-chute toilet system that drops human waste directly on the rail tracks, posing health hazards, water contamination, as well as raising various other environmental concerns.

To address our country’s sanitation problems, 7 Wonders International takes a small step by providing access to portable FRP & Bio-toilets to customers. One can easily contact us to rent any of these mobile toilets for different outdoor events or spaces without access to toilets or any municipal sewerage system.

You may contact us for excellent quality FRP & Bio-Toilet rentals to meet the basic need of hygienic human waste disposal without any hassle.