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Ways to Make Your Gurgaon Wedding Exceptional with 7wonders International

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Everyone wants their wedding to be an affair that each guest enjoys and remembers for a long time. For this, you need something exceptional that no one can forget easily. Consult professional wedding planners to make your dream wedding unique and extravagant at the same time.

No, you don’t need to shell out a lot of money. Just add some simple and fun things to make the ceremonies exceptional from other weddings. For all those who want something exciting about their wedding, here are some fun ideas by 7 Wonders International to amaze your guests:

1. Have a DJ Request Box

Ask your wedding planners in Gurgaon to arrange for a DJ request box on Sangeet or Mehndi ceremony, where the guests can request the songs of their choice. This way, your guests will feel happier while dancing on to their favourite tunes.

2. Ask for Advice

This one is quite unique, as everyone likes to give advice, especially on marriages. Why not make your guests pen down some bits of advice for your married life. You can arrange for advice cards on tables or set up a separate advice booth where guests can write down their pieces of advice while enjoying their drinks.

3. Serve Snacks Like Never Before

Add a stylish twist to the way snacks are served at your wedding. You can ask the caterers to serve it in martini glasses to give it a unique touch. Also, have a counter serving different flavoured popcorn, depending on your guests’ choices. You can even hire a food van to kill the hunger pangs of your guests.

4. Write Down Your Love Story

If you are one of the romantic couples, why not go down the memory lane while writing down your love story on the Big Day of your life. You can arrange for colourful chalks and a blackboard for chalking out your journey together. This will not only let guests know about your love story but also make the event exceptional.

5. Arrange a Wedding Sports Match

If you and your partner love sports, it’s really a fun way to add some excitement to your traditional wedding. Ask your wedding planners in Gurgaon to arrange for a volleyball, football or cricket match between the bride’s team and groom’s team or girls vs. boys match, whichever you like the best. This will be a great ice breaker for everyone present at the celebration while giving them a great time to enjoy.

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