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What are the 10 Steps to Organize a Successful Concert Event?

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Thinking of hosting a concert event? If yes, the thinking itself can feel like a daunting task. You start with an idea and budget, then turn it into an event full of lovely people. Depending on the type of event (indoor/outdoor), the details will vary. But no matter what, 7 Wonders International has curated a list of ten helpful and true steps you can count on for planning our concert!

  1. Pay attention to organized planning: Your concert plan should include proper logistics, content, and promotion of the event. You can create a document incorporating the tasks assigned and share with the staff. But first, it is important to prepare a list of the core tasks, and then detail out the minor details in the form of specific steps. Don’t forget to add a timeline as it is often underestimated leading to preparation being done at a slow pace.
  2. Chalk out a budget taking in account the unforeseeable situations: Make an estimated budget for the list of tasks and keep a reserve in case of unforeseeable situations. It is always better to take prior steps for such times and be prepared financially. Furthermore, maintain a tracker to keep a check on your budget and ensure that you do not overspend.
  3. Book your artist: Your artist plays a significant role in attracting the crowd. If you are planning to have multiple performers, make sure their genres complement each other and line-up makes sense to people. You can create a short list of bands and artists you want to approach and devise a plan accordingly.
  4. Choose a venue: After finalizing the artists, you need to pick a venue. Is it an indoor or an outdoor event? Depending on your type, budget and estimated list of guests, you can finalize the venue. It is recommended to consider the traffic, distance to get to the venue and the parking facilities. Many organizers now geotag the location on social media so that the attendees can reach easily.
  5. Pick a date: You know your artists and location. So based on the availability, set a concert event date. You can then do proper marketing by sending out email campaigns and reminders to both audience and stakeholders. Make sure that your event dates do not clash with other important and popular events. Once the final date is set, design your marketing and promotional plan.
  6. Logistics: The next important thing which comes irrespective of the size of the event is the logistics. Choosing proper concert sound system rental is extremely important. If it is an outdoor event, renting concert sound system and stage equipment like light, etc will be necessary. While you plan this, do not miss out on getting permission for alcohol consumption and noise. Furthermore, another important part of logistics is manpower. In case of big events, you will have to begin hiring in advance. You will need volunteers to welcome, answer any queries and offer help in case of any issues the attendees might face while at the concert. 7 Wonders International can help you out with sturdy stages, lights, and concert sound system rental at affordable prices.
  7. Ticket pricing: If you are looking for sold-out status, which we are guessing you are, ticket pricing is something to focus on. After you know your expenses and anticipated number of guests, you set an extra margin to cover up for the additional expenses. Create multiple ticket prices with different benefits to give your guests a choice. You can also roll out exciting offers or bundled pricing to sell more tickets online.
  8. Promote the event: The idea to promote the event is you want to raise awareness, get the people excited and most importantly, convince them to buy a ticket. When it comes to promotion of events, there is no one solution for all. So, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and explore all the possible promotional options available to create the buzz.
  9. Get the right sound equipment: Make sure your event sounds great. Ask your artists what they require? What will they bring? What do they expect? What are the power requirements? Communications holds great significance here so don’t wait to assign the responsibilities. Schedule proper sounds checks whether it is an indoor or outdoor event. And if you are looking for concert sound system rental prices, you can check 7 Wonders International. They have a wide array of equipment to cater to your needs.
  10. Thank your guests: This is something which most people miss out on – building relationships with the guests after the concert. You can send personalized messages and emails to the attendees and ask for their feedback. This will surely make them feel appreciated. Once they become loyal fans, their word of mouth will bring you more success.

So now it is time to join the pieces together and create an unforgettable musical experience. 7 Wonders International is a leading management company in India offering world-class service and exceptional events with prudence. They understand that the significance of sound cannot be understated in a music event. To safeguard this, they house a wide range of sound and music equipment for rent at affordable price tags. In addition to this, they ensure proper functioning of the sound system and fully service the equipment before renting.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your music concert now! With this checklist in hand, you will be setting yourself and all your guests – up for a fun and successful event every time!

Let the magic begin!

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