Planning on having a dreamlike wedding in Chandigarh?

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Are you planning to take wedding vows in the well-planned and greenest city in India? While there are ample wedding venues in the beautiful city of Chandigarh, you need the help of professionals to have a dreamlike wedding.

The good event management companies in Chandigarh start with a clean slate by knowing yourself and what type of wedding you’ve dreamed of. If you are still confused about where to begin, you need to consider the following points when planning a dream wedding.

1. Set the Date

You need to prioritise fixed dates for different things to progress slowly, rather than panicking at the last few days of the wedding. Once everything is planned as per particular dates, you can consult the wedding planners about your specifications. The wedding planners in Chandigarh also help you with choosing the perfect venues, caters, photographers, DJ’s and bands.

2.Choose Your Favourite Colours

Another important thing is to consider the right wedding colour palettes. In summers, elegant muted pastels are embraced by modern brides and grooms. Some adorable summery hues for weddings are pale pistachio green, peach, beige or the Caribbean Sea. For a fall or winter wedding, you can pick deeper and darker colours like dahlia red, maroon, dark green, etc.

3. Determine Your Overall Vision

Traditional, contemporary, vintage or romantic! Just like the colour scheme, you need to clearly think about what type of wedding you want. Based on the theme of your wedding, you can design the decor and invitations for guests.


Ask your wedding planners in Chandigarh to pick the venue that reflects your personal style. On the basis of that, you can pick outside venues, a formal banquet hall, etc. for your wedding day.

5. Create a Beauty Plan

You may have chosen the best bridal wear for your wedding but for perfect hair and makeup, you need to hire the professionals on time. The event management companies in Chandigarh help you with everything from technical work and arrangements to book an appointment with the makeup artist within the budget.

6. Go Snail Mail

It’s traditional or modern, no matter what wedding style you choose or how eco-conscious you are, people do expect a physical invitation. Try to print your wedding cards on recyclable paper and also send thank you notes with the invites

7. Entertainment

Your guests will appreciate a good DJ, fun activities or live music. So, don’t skimp here. Entertainment brings different people together and creates a happy environment for all. Therefore, put great emphasis on this to ensure everyone enjoys on your big day.

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