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Guide for Choosing a Portable Toilet for Outdoor Events

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Imagine you are planning a large-scale outdoor event. The weather is just right, neither too cold nor too hot and there is no sign of rain. Outdoor events can be a wonderful idea but are no easy task. It is important for the organizers to think through everything starting from the lighting to the decoration to food, seating arrangement, sound system and so on. Besides missing out on the event itself, it is a tedious task for the guests to wait in the line for hours due to the unavailability of the restrooms. In short, the significance of the comfort of the guests attending an event cannot be overlooked and of the portable toilets too.

Portable washroom rentals ensure that guests can conveniently use restrooms without wasting time. They are environment-friendly, cost-effective, reduces the cleaning duties, and offer better hygiene. Having a high quality and comfortable facilities helps you to provide your guests with a positive experience as well as ensure a positive talking point. While mapping the activities for the event, it is important to consider portable toilets, not as something to be looked upon later but as a vital part of the planning process. So, 7 Wonders International offers a few tips to keep in mind before choosing a portable toilet for outdoor events:

  • Understand your needs: There are maybe several reasons as to why you want a portable toilet rental but it is important for you to be clear as to how many toilets or what types of toilets will best meet your needs. Knowing what options are available, sizes, facility extras, etc. can enable you to make the most informed decision. It is suggested to discuss the factors listed below when choosing temporary or portable toilets for rent. Consider the weather, the formality of your event, the length of your event, the number of guests in attendance, the nearest toilets other than your mobile toilet rental, if portable toilets will be used to complement the indoor toilets, the logistics, the pros and cons of different types of portable toilets, toilet placement and hygiene needs.
  • Range of options: The next step is to consider the options the companies you are looking at has to offer. Your occasion may help you determine the type of toilet you want. Also consider whether separate hand washing units and hygiene aids are available, and what is required to ensure that toilet trailers have the electricity and lighting you require. Don’t forget to ask how the toilets are serviced during particularly long events, events in warm weather, and events with a large number of guests.
  • Cost: Get in touch with multiple companies offering temporary toilets on rent and compare what each offers. The toilet units and amenities can vary in price, and the cheapest option may not be a good idea; consider your event and what your guests might need for the entire day before deciding on a rental option.
  • Safety: While choosing the portable toilet rental, the safety of the guests have to be considered and of utmost concern. For instance, you will have to consider things such as
    -Ground surface – which must be flat and firm
    -Guests should be able to access the loos easily
    -A delivery route needs to be organized and planned for our teams to set up your facilities effectively and efficiently.

You will have to make sure that the facility is robust and durable.

Benefits of portable toilets

Here are some benefits of using portable toilets:

  • Convenience: Setting up a sufficient number of toilets during outdoor events allows the guests to do their business without walking too far or waiting in line. This is especially applicable to events held in golf courses or by the beach, where there might be no establishments nearby.
  • Ease of use: There are several options to fit all the needs of your guests. In fact, there are handicap accessible portable toilets designed with easy access features such as ramps and railings. There are also choices for flushable toilets and portable sinks for washing for added convenience.
  • Conserves water: Most of the portable toilets use chemicals to reduce odors instead of flushing which conserves water. This technology allows us to save gallons and gallons of water.
  • Cost-effective: Using portable toilet rentals is more cost-effective rather than using constructing toilets especially for the event. They can also save your time from obtaining the necessary permits to build the facilities which will be used for a short time.
  • Proper waste disposal: The portable toilet providers ensure proper waste disposal. It is their responsibility to transport the waste to treatment directly or pump it into the sewer system.

7 Wonders International – We offer what you need!

At 7 Wonders International, we understand the importance of providing clean, comfortable bathroom facilities for your guests. We are experts in the area of portable toilet rentals and restroom trailers, and we are always available to answer your questions and help you choose the perfect facilities for your individual needs. We have a wide range of options and help you choose the best according to event needs and requirements. We understand that each event has individual needs, which means that you will get the personalized attention that is required to help you choose the right portable toilets for your upcoming event or party. So don’t let your event sanitation needs become an afterthought, contact the professionals at 7 Wonders International today!


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