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Bring Style to Your Event With Stage Rental!

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Do you have the right venue? Do you have the right catering? Do you have enough space to accommodate all your guests? Do you the perfect chairs, tables and flatware? These are some of the common questions that come to your mind when it comes to planning a perfect event. You want every detail to be correct starting from the theme of the decor to the silverware on the table.

Whether you are throwing an anniversary party, holding a corporate or sports event or preparing for a wedding, there are so many factors to consider and keep in mind. Taking care of only the basic things may seem like a daunting task – not to mention the extra work that goes into making the event a memorable one and taking care of even the minutest details. Amongst all this, a key component which must be considered for successfully executing different occasions are stages: whether it is a gala, wedding, concert or fashion show. Besides the stunning decor and a well-organized program, stages are also key to what make or break any special event.

Wedding stage rental

Wedding is amongst the most important events of life that tie two people in an unbreakable bond. We, at 7 Wonders International understand the importance of your wedding day. We have a vast range of wedding stage rental beautifully crafted to the highest standard to match the elegance of your wedding day.

Whether you are planning an indoor wedding or wedding, our experts have options tailored to meet your needs and preferences with low stage rent. We try to make your wedding a dream wedding. So, if you are planning your wedding, get in touch with us for the perfect wedding stage rental.

Stage equipment rental

Stage equipment is key to a successful event. 7 Wonders International knows this and supplies you with all the possible stage equipment rental ranging from audio-visual devices, stage lighting, dance floor, to ramps and more. You can combine the artistic impressions of the professionals with the technical prowess of the best stage designers to create an exciting and beautiful stage.

We combine the familiar with the unfamiliar to transform any location into a platform worthy of capturing the greatest performances. For more questions, you can directly get in touch with the experts.

Concert stage rental

We, at 7 Wonders International believe that the robustness and reliability cannot be compromised in concert stage rentals. We offer concert staging rental services for outdoor events like concerts and festivals as well as indoor events at hotel ballrooms, private venues – and even your own backyard!

Our professionals strive to deliver strong, safe and immaculately presented concert stage rental to make sure your event stands out above the rest. We can provide stage hire for one person or many. We can also accommodate your demands of custom-designed stages and finishes.

Benefits of stages on rent

Confused about whether to rent or not? Here are few of the many benefits of taking stages on rent:

  • Stage rents are cost-effective because you can save a truckload of money by simply turning to a stage rental for the event
  • Rental companies can show you a wide variety of styles allowing you to choose the best option for your occasion
  • Renting stages and equipment for your event can scratch off the maintenance and repair costs
  • Renting equipment provides a huge benefit in keeping the overhead costs low
  • Ease your burden by relying on a reputable company to help you set up

Stage on rent – Safety is of utmost priority

Safety is our number one priority at 7 Wonders International. We always work closely with you to make all the guests and attendees safe – while having a great time. We assure to never cut corners when it comes to the safety of your rental stage, the attendees of your event or the performers.

When you take a stage on rent from 7 Wonders International, you will find that our experts are fully equipped in weather preparedness and mishaps. Our stages abide by the safety standards and routinely provide with the engineer’s documentation. We are the best at what we do and will work with you every step of the way to set up your staging for your event in the best way possible.

Accentuate your event with a stage on rent from 7 Wonders International

We, at 7 Wonders International, provide professional stages on rent for almost any event or party. We offer proven stage design experience and the inventory to create the stage of your dreams. We know that event stages can be any size, shape, or configuration so our stages are tailored for the unique nature of your event. All our equipment can be arranged into systems without using any tools, making set-up and tear-down exceptionally easy and efficient. Our unparalleled stage on rent is designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions.

We are one of the leading event planners in India comprising the in-house capabilities for event-related requirements for theme-based events like corporate events, food management, annual mega-events, concerts, medical conferences, theme-based wedding planning, and much more. We provide everything from technical stage equipment and complex stage structures to simple party rentals like tables, chairs and linens for events accommodating thousands of people.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’d like to find out about our range of stages and equipment, get in touch us!

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