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9 Easy Yet Creative Ideas to Make Your Wedding an Eco-Friendly One

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Nowadays, many environmentally-conscious couples are opting for plastic-free or zero waste weddings to reduce the amount of waste produced on the wedding day. There are many eco-friendly ways to get creative and impress your guests, as well as have less impact on natural surroundings.

You can look for the eco-conscious wedding planners in Delhi like 7 Wonders International to help you make your special day the zero-waste affair by following these easy and effective ways:

1. Say no to straws

Plastic straws are worst items that can end up in landfills or water bodies, causing serious environmental concerns. Therefore, it is best to ditch plastic straws and consider compostable paper straws or biodegradable straws for your wedding.

2. Avoid releasing balloons or lanterns

The floating lanterns or balloons have a big impact on the environment. When released in the air, no one really knows where they might end up either on road or worst in rivers or seas, causing damage to wildlife. Therefore, it is best to ask your wedding planners to skip such elements from your wedding.

3. Consider flowers instead of glitter or confetti

Instead of opting glitter and confetti that are made from plastic pieces, it is best to consider local flowers. The local flowers are not only seasonal and eco-friendly but also affordable and reduce carbon footprint at the same time.

4. Reuse decorations instead of DIY

DIY projects are fun but also lead to wastage. So, save all the hassle and consider reusing decorations from your friends or hire a wedding company to manage eco-friendly decorations at the venue.

5. Set up RSVPs online

Instead of sending paper invites to your guests, send RSVP online invites to reduce paper waste. Meanwhile, it is the easiest way to keep track of your guests’ list.

6. Ask wedding guests to carpool

Your guests must be coming from different locations. So, you can request them to carpool with one another for more convenience in finding the venue or accommodation. Plus, it will decrease the level of traveling impact in a great manner, as carpooling means fewer cars to pick people.

7. Celebrate with local food and wine

You must look for a good local venue to help you get the food and wine for the wedding day. It is also a good way to celebrate the surroundings with reduced environmental impact.

8. Support ethical wedding wear and makeup

For ethical wedding wear, you can look for vintage or second-hand dresses. You can even get your dress recycled after wearing it. Even opt for cruelty-free makeup products that have less impact on the environment.

9. Donate leftover food

If you find that the food is still remaining after your guests have left, consider donating it to the needy rather than wasting it. So if you are looking to make your wedding an eco-friendly affair, get in touch with 7 Wonders International.

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