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7 Facts to Know Before Hiring a Caterer

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Food is one of the important factors in any occasion or event. This is because if the food is good, your guests are likely to have a good time while enjoying the event. Therefore, it’s crucial to hire the best catering service to make your event a hit. However, you need to consider the following facts when hiring catering services in Delhi:

1. Fresh doesn’t always mean fresh

Most people are food savvy and often like to dine out. So, they are usually aware of the difference between dull, snappy green beans and bright and fresh green beans.  Therefore, they can easily figure out whether the meal is fresh or not. If a catering company doesn’t have a trained kitchen staff to cook the fresh meal at the venue, make sure that it is prepared the same day in the morning and put into boxes to deliver to the reception.

2. An appropriate ratio of staff to serve the guests

It is critical to know how many people your caterer will provide at the event for serving guests. It is important to have the right amount of catering staff to help guests, as it’s really frustrating to wait in a queue for a simple drink.

3. Style is significant

The sense of style in terms of catering means to emphasize on the menu and its presentation. The best catering services in Delhi ensure that there is a great visual impact of the menu on your guests. This will bring sheer enthusiasm among your guests while making your event a success.

4. Custom menu design

Some people at the events like to go to caterers to ask them design menu as per their preference. If you want to be prepared for that, it’s best to consider what type of crowd is coming to the event? Also, ask the caterer whether they offer custom menu options on the spot. Planning ahead of the event is best rather than panicking at the last moment.

5. Customer service counts

When hiring a catering serving, notice how long did they make you wait for all the information after your phone call? Were they able to provide the needed information? Were your call answered on time? All these things can help you figure out how the caterer works and what level of customer support they offer.

6. Specialized caterer

While some caterers offer you different varieties of food, others specialize in a particular food type. For instance, if your guests are vegan, you need to consider caterers who specialize only in preparing vegan meals for your guests.

7. Ask for references

You can ask your friends or colleagues for references when looking for a catering service. Word of mouth is still considered the best option to know the reputation of a caterer and what level of services they offer.

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