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5 Tips to plan an event on a budget

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When planning an event, we all want to have a big budget for the best arrangement, but that’s rarely the case. Often, we are on a limited budget for an event and we have to make the most out of the limited amount at hand.  

Worry not! You can set up one of the best events on a tight budget too. Here are some simple tips that many event management companies in Delhi swear by when planning an event on a small budget.

  1. Find out what’s the event type and then search for a venue

One important tip that some of the best event organizers in Delhi will give you is to stick closely to the overall budget. But also keep the event type in mind when making arrangements. The venue requires the greatest expense, so choose it carefully according to your event be it a business event, promotional events, political events, and more.

  1. Learn the art of negotiation

When you are part of one of the best event management companies in Delhi NCR, you must excel in the art of negotiation. Vendors offer genuine and low rates only to clients who stick to their budget, so don’t shy away to be upfront with them. You might even allure the vendor to advertise their store if they offer lower rates.

  1. Seek the help of a colleague

Another useful tip from some of the successful event planners in Delhi NCR is to take help from a team or a colleague. For instance, if you are not good at negotiating, ask for help from a team member or a colleague who might be good at bargaining. This will certainly help you get the best deals. Likewise, take assistance from specific individuals who are expert in a particular field – be it technology, decor or any other arrangement.

  1. Create an estimate for each category

Create an estimated budget for each small category to become aware of how much money you could spend on a certain area. By having a budget range, there won’t be any room for extra expenses and everything – decoration, catering, and venue – will fall within the budget.

  1. Advertise through social media

The best event management companies in Delhi are making the most of their social media handles for advertising. So, make sure that you post about your event on every social platform – be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. It is a good way to gain free advertisement and more people are likely to know about your upcoming event, as most people today spend their time on social media.

So if you are looking for event planners in Delhi NCR, 7 Wonders International can help you. Get in touch with us and execute the event at your behest!

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